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2nd Jun 2020 14:26 GMT

Latest TNT Basic : 1.31
OS X Lion Beta : 1.42
7th Apr 2012
20:37 GMT

TB 1.42 released

Posted by Mark Tully
I've just released TNT Basic 1.42 and pushed its source to github. It contains the following fix:

* Sounds now load and play correctly under Intel when using the .tbproj (aka 'bundle') project file format

Please let me know if you have any trouble. You can report bugs via the git hub issue tracker.
Discussion thread
17th Mar 2012
01:46 GMT

TNT Basic source re-released on GitHub

Posted by Mark Tully
The source for TNT Basic 1.41 (the Lion Beta) has been released onto its new home on GitHub. The source has also been relicensed under the much simpler BSD license.

Discussion thread
Github link
14th Feb 2012
22:47 GMT

TNT Basic for OS X Lion - UPDATED

Posted by Mark Tully
I've just released TNT Basic 1.41 which contains the following bug fixes:

* .tbproj profile files now work
* Should now run on OS X 10.5 as well

Discussion thread here
24th Jan 2012
23:38 GMT

TNT Basic for OS X Lion Beta - now available

Posted by Mark Tully
I've just uploaded TNT Basic 1.40, which is a beta release which is compatible with OS X Lion. It is also Intel native (at last!).

Please note, this does not yet include the Hieroglyph editor

The source code for TNT Basic 1.40 will be made available soon.

More details and forum discussion: here
18th Dec 2011
22:32 GMT

TNT Basic on OS X Lion - UPDATE

Posted by Mark Tully
As per Danny's post recently, TNT Basic is known not to work on OS X Lion. I am pleased to announce that I have an update in progress which will remedy this.

Head over to the forums for more info!
Read more
14th Dec 2011
09:40 GMT

TNT Basic and OS X Lion...

Posted by allnodcoms
As of version 10.7 of the OS, TNT Basic will no longer run on Intel based Macs.

Apple has dropped Rosetta support (the interpreter that allowed older PPC software to run on Intel hardware) from Lion, the latest version of OS X.

In order to continue using the existing TNT build on Intel machines running Lion it will be necessary for you to implement some sort of duel boot (from either a separate partition or external drive), or utilise a VM and run an older (pre Lion) OS from there.

This solution is, however, far from ideal and we'd like to throw down a challenge to Mac developers... Can anyone get the current version of the TNT source to compile under Xcode? Is anyone trying to get it to work? If so drop by the forums and let us know how you are getting on, or what you are stuck on.

TNT is open source software, and if it is to evolve we need people to pick it up and run with it. Does anyone fancy trying to give the old girl a new lease of life?
If so, we'd love to hear from you!

(nod the mod)
10th Sep 2008
02:10 GMT

tntbasic.com server software update

Posted by Mark Tully
I've just updated the server software on tntbasic.com for compatibility reasons. If anyone sees any crazy new problems with the forums or any other part of this website please drop me an email.

19th Sep 2006
23:08 GMT

Minor site updates

Posted by Mark Tully
I've made a series of small improvements to the web site.

Now all email addresses are obscured to defend against spam bot harvesting. I know it's a bit late for those of you who, like me, post on the TNT Basic forums and get spammed to death because of it - but hey.

I've also updated the support section and the user docs to direct people to post feedback on the forums and to use the proper bug trackers and feature request trackers on sourceforge.net to submit bugs and feature requests.

Finally, at the bequest of forum regulars, I've added a new forum for people to discuss the games they're working on and bounce ideas of one another.

Like I said - minor!
12th Jun 2006
01:09 GMT

First version of TNT Basic XCode project available

Posted by Mark Tully
The CVS version of TNT Basic on sourceforge.net finally compiles as a Universal Binary using XCode.

It's not finished yet and it basically doesn't work properly. So don't think you can do anything useful with it other than peruse the project and try and see how it fits together. I would advise everyone to wait until I've finished fixing and testing it before they start trying to do anything with the code.

The README that's distributed with the source contains instructions on how to get it to compile in XCode, you need to get PowerPlant and OpenPlay source code AND make modifications to both of them to get THEM to compile in XCode, so it's not for the faint of heart.

But, it's there, it compiles, links and runs as a Universal Binary and things can only get better from here.

Watch this space.
Discussion thread
1st Feb 2006
01:51 GMT

TNT Basic 1.31 released!

Posted by Mark Tully
TNT Basic 1.31 has just been released. This version is entirely bug fixes that I gathered from the TNT Basic forums. I hope I fixed your favourite bug.

This is the first release to be downloadable from TNT Basic's project at sourceforge. Hopefully there won't be any problems!

Full release notes and discussion thread here.

Download TNT Basic 1.31
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