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Which do you prefer? The Zelda or Dragon Warrior map system?
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01-18-2002 06:28

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The Zelda mapping system was one screen at a time. Walk off the edge of one and come on the opposite side of the screen on the next map over.


The Dragon Warrior mapping system had each map all together at once. Scrolling it as needed.

And if you pick this one, do you prefer creating the entire map at once (Taking up lots of memory) or drawing it as the tiles come on screen?

Me, I think I'd start with the Zelda kind. Easier to do to learn. And pretty old school. Brings back good memories of many games that used this system. Makes me happy. This system also was used in many other games like Star Tropics, and many old computer level based puzzle games like an old DOS (I know) game called "Fairy GodMom" where the Fairy Godmother walked around climbing ladders, turning walls and enemies into ladders or such, to get to the exit.

Next I'd graduate to a full scrolling map system as I get better.

Which do you prefer?

01-18-2002 12:08

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Scrolling is nice :)

10-25-2003 14:51

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Yes, the Dragon Warrior is better if you do a RPG, but it's a little more difficult.

10-25-2003 14:56

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Yes, I think the DW map system is better for an RPG.
Maybe a little bit harder, but with TNT's map viewports, you don't have to worry about the size of the map; the map viewports create canvases just a little bigger than what is visible and handles it so it looks like a viewport to the entire map.

02-03-2010 01:44

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LBC (langley British Columbia)

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I started with a scrolling game because of the tutorial on this site, but now I'm trying to switch maps mid-game and that seems a lot harder to accomplish.
Right now when I change the map the map objects come along too, transforming into objects from the next map.

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