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01-13-2005 23:21

Posted by:

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Is anyone else still using TNT? If so, what are you up to?

I'm working on a few titles (slowly, but surely).

1. a fan game of a movie (I'll keep it a surprise until I get more done).

2. a game I hope to sell as shareware. A two player net game.

3. a ninja gaiden like game.

4. cANT stop (beta available).

5. A drum machine. A friend needed one and I thought it'd be an interesting way to use TNT.

01-14-2005 02:10

Posted by:

Earth>USA>New Jersey>Clifton>My Chair

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Ninja Gaiden would be pretty cool.

01-14-2005 19:55

Posted by:


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Well, i'm still using TNT basic.
I'm working on Space Strike "the special edition".
Take a look at for my first two games made with tnt..


01-14-2005 22:03

Posted by:

Kansas City

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I'm doing a text and graphics RPG. It's coming along very nicely. The basic engine is done: you can explore, talk, shop, fight, and level up; now I'm in the process of creating all the nouns that those verbs should be pointing to.

01-15-2005 01:03

Posted by:

Venice, ITALY!

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dont tell anyone but... I bought a PC... I'm using blitz plus to do some "phisics simulations"... right now I'm trying to simulate a piece of rope... much harder than you might think... the phisics is still doubious, but you can easily use it to do some very nice screensavers (almost as good as the iTunes one)

01-17-2005 11:55

Posted by:


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I am ...

programming a lot of games right now. I also have a lot of un-programmed concepts of my older Atari games. I hate this "waiting for an update" situation. In fact, the only thing I'm missing at TNT is a windowed-mode (not only fullscreen), and maybe the possibility to connect to the internet so it can make a shareware-registration without leaving the game. Blitzmax also doesn't support windowed-mode yet, so I'm not going to switch until it does. blablabla anyone reading this? I just ordered a new mac-mini. can't wait to get it ...

01-17-2005 14:09

Posted by:

Bern, Switzerland

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aaaaah, ist ja jemand deutsch hier ;-)

hey Kemal,

Blitzmax verfügt über einen window-modus! zwar nicht offiziell, aber wenn du 0 als Farbtiefe einstellst, kommst du in diesen Modus.

Auch ich möchte in der nächsten Zeit einen Mac mini kaufen! =)
Ich bin beeindruckt von dem Ding. Zum glück habe ich noch 'ne usb maus und ein keyboard herumliegen, was mir sehr zu Gunsten kommt... ich kaufe die 1.45 Ghz maschine mit 512 MB ram. Welche version hast du bestellt?

Gruss, IBD

01-25-2005 23:13

Posted by:
Mobius Whale

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TNT Techno Music?

> 5. A drum machine. A friend needed one and I thought it'd be an interesting way to use TNT.

You are cool to think of this. ;-) Ideas outside of gaming
Yeah, I made an experimental drum machine in TNT a couple years ago...
As well as some VJ (eyecandy) things

I hope TNT doesn't disapear... :-0 It's still great!

02-03-2005 22:27

Posted by:


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Mac Mini

ich habe die 1.4 version mit 1gb bestellt.

Das mit dem Window-Modus muss ich mal ausprobieren. Schade aber auch, dass Blitzmax keine OS 9 apps erzeugen kann. Da verliere ich ca. 25% meiner Kunden.

06-28-2005 18:17

Posted by:
Wil Hostman

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Been doing some Javascript for PDF... fun, bizarre, and awkward.

Mostly doing it this way because what I'm doing is support stuff for P&P RPG's, and I have to support a really mixed bag of hardware.

11-18-2005 20:52

Posted by:
Jason Anderson

Doylestown, PA

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It has been my dream for years and years since high school to make an RPG. Either an RPG like Final Fantasy or the better Dragon Warrior or an adventure type (Sometimes mistakenly called an RPG) Zelda clone with on-screen fighting. (The difference being in Zelda, you fight the enemies on screen, in an old style RPG it's all battle system based.)

Of course I never have time or I never have ideas. Hopefully one day.

Right now I'm working on playing around with timing in music. I found some awesome music by virt I am using to learn with.. I'm doing pretty well. In my test program I have a piece of music playing and at the key points of the music a new line is drawn on screen to mark when and where the key point occurred. Hopefully this'll help me when I go to storyboard the scenes. It is my firm belief that many games are driven by their music. A well done story has a well done piece of music to go with it. It has to be like a movie.

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