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09-10-2005 22:22

Posted by:


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i was thinking about how you could make a racing game. my idea was for it to be topdown, and always having the car facing generally up and always being in the middle of the screen. this seems easy with the use of maps and viewport scroilling, but then it hit me. if the car is always pointing upwards, the map would have to rotate when the car turns... is there any good way to do this? i thought about using a large sprite (which would slow it down i know but im just thinking) but then i didnt know how to make objects (like other cars) rotate with he map and always be moving relative to the map.

this seems rather complicated to me. is it?

this is really more for my own curiosity, as my hands are full with a platformer at the moment as some of you may know. id still like to figure this out however.


09-11-2005 14:20

Posted by:

Quebec ( Canada )

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What you're trying to do is hard and may be too slow in an interpreted language like TNT if you have a slower computer, want high framerates or use high resolution. However you can do it. I don't suggest using one big sprite, but rather manually render the map out of sprites (i've done it in an example available in the directory) once you have your map out of tiles you could (i'm just guessing here, as i've never done it) rotate each sprite around its avix with the sprite rotation commands and rotate them aroudnd the center of the map using a sin ans cos law (if you don't know how i can give examples however i'm no math teacher ;) )

09-12-2005 12:30

Posted by:
Jae Rune

Cheyenne, WY

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Honestly, you can leave the car in a given spot and just move the map around it on it's X/Y without rotating it, you just gotta rotate the car sprite. It's a faster and probably more elegant solution. I've seen it masterfully implemented in Neo•Geo games, and other old arcade games. It'd certainly give TNT an easier time of things.

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