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11-21-2005 10:48

Posted by:
Jason Anderson

Doylestown, PA

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Just something I'm working on...

This is probably the most work I've ever put into actually creating a tile-based top-town map system. It feels very much like the original Dragon Warrior (Which is what I am basing the game engine on.) in that the movement seems to feel the same.

Nothing is finalized in this shot above of course so I have no problem posting it. Those aren't even my graphics. Just some Dragon Warrior GBC sprites I doubled up and quickly copied into TNT to use reference sprites.

What it does demonstrate is treasure chest states. All the chests in the game are obviously kept in an array. Each has an opened state and an item enclosed state. This is demonstrating two chests. One being opened and one closed. On the map design screen I simply create a sprite type with the name "Chest_#" where # is the index of the chest to use. In theory, if I wanted to, I could use the same treasure chest in multiple places. Normally this won't have any real use except in games where the environment changes. So that way if I hadn't gotten the chest before, it'll still appear the same later.

It also is the beginnings of NPC sprites. I haven't gotten anything in place yet. I haven't even implemented code to stop the player from passing through sprites (Just walls.) but at least I can place stuff places so far.

In the map so far you see four colors. This map is just the collision map. Grey is impassable. no matter what item you have, you can't pass. This is for walls of course.
Brown will be "slow down" tiles. For use in places like mountains and swamps.
Blue is.. hmm.. what could blue be? In the final version I'll have a couple kinds of blues. For now just one, but I plan on having a couple. One that lets you wade in it. (Thus changing the character sprite to be submerged to the ankles or so.) And one that you can't swim in. Maybe a third in between that you can walk on with certain items.
And green is obvious. The passable map. No matter what you can pass green. It's ground. Plain ground. Or anything you can walk on. Like bridges and such.

This is just the collision map. I plan on having two other maps for each map in the game. #1 The collision map, #2 the graphics below map and #3 the graphics overlay map. The overlay map will be stuff that should be drawn above everything else. For effects like trees and such.

I hope to accomplish this without too much slowdown. If I have to I'll dump the overhead map and make a more simple approach.

Either way I will be adding scrolling maps.

Also using either the Polygon or Sprites in the map editor I will make "Hotspots" for traveling between maps. i.e. when you step on a door it takes you to the interior map. Or you walk out the castle gates and end up on the world map.

The end product will hopefully feel very much like the first Dragon Warrior, i.e. the best RPG ever. Except with a few enhancements. If all goes well these will include stuff like battling more than one enemy and maybe extra fighters next to you like in DWII+ HOPEFULLY.

The only problem I'm having is deciding whether to implement diagonal movement. It's not as easy as you'd think. Plus it'd mean 4 more directions to draw. Besides, the original DW games didn't have diagonal movement nor did StarTropics or the Final Fantasy games back in the day. All these games were tile based and the characters always moved one tile at a time.

11-24-2005 06:40

Posted by:
Jason Anderson

Doylestown, PA

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Programmers Log:

Map scrolling improved. Player can now move to edge of map. Scrolling will simply stop. This works like most RPG's such as older Final Fantasies as well as games like Zelda. The old way required maps to be "padded" with extra tiles to prevent the viewport being scrolled "out of bounds".

Music loading is now map specific. And if the same musical piece is being loaded for the next map the music simply keeps playing. Whereas if the music is different, it will be stopped first, then the map is loaded, then the new song is loaded.

Collision detection with objects now works as well.

Currently working on making talking and container opening work.

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