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01-04-2006 03:31

Posted by:

Omaha, United States

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First of all: new to the forums, the blessing of an app (TNT), and programming in general--hey all.

Secondly, an idea: lately I've been finding myself tracing lines on the screen with my finger while sifting through lines of code, and I started thinking that perhaps it wouldn't be a bad idea to have translucent lines/dashed lines that would visually group each construct in the coding screen of Hieroglyph. (I recall seeing something like this in REALbasic, but I could be wrong.) Personally I think this idea makes sense, because as many probably already know, indenting constructs to better make sense of the code can quickly lead to 'end ifs', 'nexts', and 'wends' that seem to have no purpose until after deeper, time-consuming scrutiny.

Don't know if this has been mentioned already (and it probably has), but I thought I'd throw the idea out there anyway.

01-04-2006 13:44

Posted by:

hertfordshire (England)

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Nice idea...

I was thinking along similar lines (excuse the pun!), but what other systems do is to 'fold' sections of code. A little plus sign or disclosure triangle allows sections of indented code to be hidden or displayed. This usually works with procedures or functions, but I see no reason why it couldn't be extended to handle loops and conditionals, and it would be a lot easier to implement than colour coding.
The source code for the Hieroglyph editor should be out in the next week or so, so perhaps someone would like to take a look at this option?

Danny (nods)

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