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Mixed Languages!!
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03-16-2007 06:10

Posted by:

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Okay,so I know some Java, some C and some BASIC. How do I put them together? eg. I would like to use C for drawing stuff onto the screen. (faster?), and Java to handle my arithmetics. Is this possible? And perhaps Obj-C for the GUI.

03-16-2007 13:42

Posted by:

Quebec ( Canada )

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Java and C can be mixed with JNI but that's painful. ObjC can be linked with C, but the ObjC-Java bridge has been deprecated by Apple and should not be used.

For beginners, i'm not sure mixing languages is a good idea. Better find a single language that does everything you want, or languages that are easy to mix. Mixing Java and C is IMO not for beginners.

03-27-2007 16:36

Posted by:
Wil Hostman

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TNT isn't currently capable of such.

Some basics can, in various ways, do so. On the windows platform, there are a couple of BASIC compilers that produce standard output files, which can then be called/linked from C programs, and C doesn't care what language the called library was written in, so long as the hooks cooperate. A couple of basics will take c.out files and treat them as libraries, as well...

I've not seen similar basic compilation on the Mac, but that doesn't mean it isn't there... just that I can't find it.

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