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What I am planning to do in November and beyond.
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10-05-2007 12:39

Posted by:

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After my HSC exams (i.e Uni-entrance exams [Higher School Certificate]), I plan to grab a copy of Leopard, install the latest XCode and interface builder, and build a new text editor with some interesting concepts (eg. 'tabbing' the way I like it, with a file browser and such, and changing the rtf into a presentation in 2 clicks; and it might not even be too hard to convert it to a basic editor though allnodcoms will probably do a better job;) ); I do not have any tools right now that I really like to use for doing assignment, that is why I am making my own. I have seen stuff like xPad but drawers isn't really my thing, and there is no way to Wrap to Page.

It almost sounds like I would be competing against Pages and Keynote o_0, but this app is actually a simplified version of those two.

Although it seems like I have got a nice grasp on Objective-C I really haven't.... Its really annoying to use but it is the only way to get cocoa without using antiquated java stuff (You know that Java-Cocoa bridge? ~sigh all the java I learnt becomes indirect programming experience for me :( ) or shelling out $500+ for RealBasic 2007/8 or waiting for the Lisp-Cocoa bridge and learning LISP :s .
I promise I will be using TNTbasic 2 to make games, though; I still am not very good at OpenGL stuff or networking.

After this text editor/keynote clony thing, I want to start (or more correctly, go back to), a space RTS that does not use the traditional RTS model (i.e having houses and gangs of miners like HomeWorld). It'll probably use 3D models, and I'll take 32 pictures from above of the model for each of moving, attack, destroyed +animation frames. I might even use 3D models if TNTbasic 2 allows it ;). The 'economy' would likely work similar to MOO 1, and I have yet to see how it will turn out. I would like it to have multiplayer. Hopefully in the Uni I am planning to go to I might meet some graphics designers/ 3D modellers and would join my project, and perhaps other software engineering students to help me out ;) (I am going for the Software Engineering/Commerce double degree in UNSW).

What are you all planning to do if you're willing to share? (We all know allnodscoms will be working on TNT2... though XD )

Have a good night. ;)

10-15-2007 03:20

Posted by:

Great Wet North (Vancouver)

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Well - I am planning to finish DInky Dungeon - almost done...
I have made a solitaire game for my Father in Law with BIG cards so he doesn't have to squint at the screen so much...... almost done too
I want to start on a tactical strategy game (not the real-time thing) turn based.
The first version will be a skirmish between a few Roman Cohorts and some cranky Germanic tribesmen circa 8 CE - I plan to build an engine wherein you issue commands to leaders rather than individual units and those instructions are executed based on the leaders ability, creativity, loyalty, elan, etc.....

oh, and world peace too......

I will have to acomplish this between relocating my family and my business to the country (lots of heavy printing equipment), launching three retail websites, maintaining my wholesale site, and winning my adult ball-hockey championship!



04-28-2008 06:47

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I suppose all that went smoothly?!

Mine didn't .... I am in USYD instead of UNSW, just as an example... That strategy game is still on my mind though, one small step in my daydream at a time.

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