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Freeware community needs help with mac games.
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03-26-2008 09:30

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Hi dee ho peeps!

Awww.. I do not really know how to start this :rolleyes: Well, perhaps it is best just to get straight into the point :)

I have been creating a freeware game site with a group of volunteers for ...mmm... is it two years now O_o. I know, most of you think: "Oh, right. Yet another freeware site :rolleyes:"

However, in my (admittably biased) opinion, we have better than average idea. I'll write some background info in next chapter, if it grows in lenght, just skip it :D

For long, long time I believed that term freeware game equals to "lousy pacman clone". Actually, it was only when I switched to linux when I noticed that there's excellent freeware games around. To be more precise, that was when I first downloaded "The battle for Wesnoth", which is really amazing project, both in size and quality. Since then I have been constantly surprized by the quality of MANY freeware games. At some phase I start wondering why did I have such a wrong image about freeware? And then I noticed that I had had bad luck while DLing freeware. I had managed to mainly DL those pcaman clones ;) Back then I decided that I want to spread the word about quality freeware games. Before that I had been active member in one of the biggest abandonware sites, but a time come when I decided to leave that site. (There were heavy reasons, but those I will not talk about). After a few months, I found out that a handfull of people from that site had started their own project, a freeware site project. However they lacked a coder, since none of them had coded a thing. I cannot say I master web publishing, but at least I had some experience about that, and a bit more about programming in general. (I write C code for WCDMA base station platform for my work). So I decided to jump in that project.

So now I have been co-admin and coding team leader on since then.
(Coding team has mostly consisted of 1 people, but there has been times when there has been more of us :) And now there's 2 of us :D)

How are we aiming to achieve the goal of telling about quality games then? Well, we offer a few things:
1. Freeware game downloads.
2. Forums with and for discussion.
3. Some interviews of Freeware developers.
4. Few reviews
5. we plan setting up a freeware news section.
6. 'developer help project' (which aims to form a bridge between developers needing help with their games, and skilled people interested in participating freeware projects - this is more or less in startup phase though)

Now to the quality point. Anyone can suggest a game to be hosted on our site. It happens simply by registering to our forums, and writing a few detail about a game. (Required details can be seen here - if any of you are interested). But each game must be played and rated by a team of CWF members (called Game Hunters squad). If the lisence of the game allows us to host it, and if the average rating is high enough, game will get on our site. If not, then the topic opened on our forums (where game was suggested) will stay with the information about the game, and keeps spreading the word. It is as simple as that, a win-win situation :)

We aim to offer games for windows, linux and mac platforms. However we lack of members who can play and rate mac games (or actually even submit for validation). So I thought I'll ask here if anybody is interested joining in and seeing what we are alike?

And finally, we aim to be a 'community driven' site. Meaning that we do not force anybody to do a thing, we wish that people will help out because they like to 'work' with us, and have fun chatting with us. At the moment the community is not large. But athmosphere is warm, and we do welcome everyone.

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