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Moving Users Mouse
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04-12-2008 18:08

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I wrote most of a game in graphics mode and i was looking for a command to move the users mouse, so instead of finding where the mouse currently is to move it i tried
mouse x = 350 but it comes up with syntax error because thats just for finding it
does this exist in TNT?

04-13-2008 02:42

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Not sure this will work...
You could replace the normal mouse with your own cursor image, then add x and y offset and display the image somewhere else, to fool user into thinking mouse being moved. Then, you could add those x and y offsets when detecting mouse clicks, etc.

05-03-2008 16:18

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Its ok i found a way around it but now i have a new problem. I got all the maps and everything working but now he has to go around obstacles. I used on way but it is very inefficient and during his moving I can't point somewhere else and stop it, and after hes moved it gets all messed up, if anyone has a better way to do this or fix up what I wrote that would be great, in the mean time i'll try to do it myself. Heres what the game is. Its a game based off one of the games that are in the directory the Breshman game with the moving guy. I added a map and 9 different parts of the map they are all color coded, now I am adding like "rooms" that you have to go around, and when i finish that i will add a shooting part and hopefully make it over a network. Right now im working on going around objects. It uses a test so that when you click if the destination is in the area that im currently working on it sees what side of the opening ure on (only have one down right now the one with more steps) and then it has set points to go to and saves your original destination. My biggest problem is having an efficient way to see when each step is done and implement the new step. It works but not well. Any help would be great.

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