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Question for appleide's tbEdit
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05-12-2008 06:41

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Appleide, i'm having trouble getting my os 9 to read your tbEdit package, altho it can read all other TNT resource and bundle files. Do you remember how to get Classic OS Finder to recognize your non-resource files? Do i need a certain system extension? Perhaps i need to edit the file names?

05-12-2008 12:42

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Hrm... It might have been OSX only because only OS X TNTbasic used bundles... the classic one didnt.....

05-12-2008 12:51

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You really need OSX.... go buy a $300 mac machine if you need to... Though it'd probably be better if you got a macintel.

No one develops for Classic anymore. Carbon (framework used by programs which allows them to be run on OS 9 and 10) is dying. Intel machines cant run classic. ... If you want to develop for OS X, get it....

Heres a mac on eBay for $300 with only 47 minutes left. It can run Leopard.
(300 dollars for a machine that can run the latest and greatest operating system!)

This auction is for a used PowerMac G4 Quicksilver 2002 Dual 1Ghz with 1.5GB Ram with multiple upgrades added to it. Upgrades alone are worth several hundred dollars, so feel free to butcher the machine if you wish, otherwise it makes a great Mac! (Note: I am selling this G4 because I have recently upgraded to a Mac Pro after saving my pennies up)

I have installed multiple upgrades to this G4 to prolong its useful life:

RAM Upgrade
Since I was already maxed out at 1.5GB Ram, the only thing I could do was put in Ram with a better CL rating. Apple installs crappy Ram in ALL their machines. I took out the stock 1.5GB Ram which was 3-3-3 rated and installed 1.5GB Ram with a 2-2-2 rating for faster performance. Note: Tiger System Profiler shows the new Ram as 3-2-2- rating but it is actually 2-2-2 rated. I will include the original stock ram with this auction.
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07-16-2009 20:10

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Bundles [should] work on OS9, but 1: you need CarbonLib, and 2: your Carbon app must be compatible with OS9.

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