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07-03-2008 11:01

Posted by:


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This project was originally made using silvercreator, but it was discontinued and we decided to make it with tnt basic. Here is the story. If you want to learn more, go on the silver creator forums on the "emerin rpg" topic and the "emerin rpg group" topic.

Historians of Emerin all have different opinions. Some say that it is
Emeranda, the godness of Emerin, that made the land. Others say it is
Ocnos, the god of Hell. The Lordly People say that is they who
sculpted the land with their magic. What really happened, only a
handful know. But one thing is certain. Since the start, all three
civilizations hated each other.

At first, the people of Ocnos feared those of Emeranda. So a treaty
was signed. If the people of Ocnos should attack the people of
Emeranda, then Ocnos himself would have to grant one wish of his power
to the people of Emeranda. But the same thing happened the other way
around if Emeranda attacked Ocnos.
The Ocnosians were soon dissapointed. The Emerandites were peaceful
people, and Ocnos had no reason to fear them, so he made a plan to
destroy them. He had one day to destroy them, because the next morning
he would have to grant a wish for Emeranda. He allied himself with the
Lordly People, who hated Ocnos, but hated Emeranda much, much more,
and they attacked as soon as the sun rose. They thought for all day
and night, but one city was still standing, and it was Ijhan, Capital
of the Emerandites.
Since they had not destroyed all of Emeranda's land, Ocnos granted the
wish. He could not break the treaty because it was signed with
dragon's blood, and therefore his destiny was to obey it. The wish was
for Ocnos to slit his heart in half and give half to the Emerandites.
He accepted, even thought giving half his heart would be giving half
his power.

The years passed, and the war raged with incredible fury. Nothing was
heard of the Half-Heart of Ocnos, UNTIL THE PART YOU COME IN.
You were thrown in a dungeon when you were just a child. They slit
your heart in half, and gave you Ocnos' half.
You are the greatest weapon of Emerin.
You are the Man with Half a Heart.

Weve already got a pretty big staff, but i was wondering if anybody here would like to help.

07-03-2008 19:18

Posted by:

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You should probably post who all is on the team and what jobs they have.

Also, the progress of what is currently happening.


07-03-2008 20:04

Posted by:


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Take over the talking, gandolf, im no good at it =)

07-03-2008 21:35

Posted by:

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Here is the current staff:

Concept/Storyline - Raddakar

Side Quests - (Yohann) Raddakar, Healey007

Graphics - Gandolf? , Hendo

Programming - Gandolf, Healey007

SFX - Raddakar, KungFuFurby

Music - Raddakar, KungFuFurby

Also Currently, we have the movement system for Emerin, and we are making the Gui for the playing screen and main menu.


07-07-2008 08:03

Posted by:

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TNTBasic can't make universal binaries. TNT2 can though, but I don't suspect it'll be out this year.

07-23-2008 13:43

Posted by:
a bananna

a place

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Is tnt2 even still in development?

BTW hey everyone from the SC forums, this is WarHampster.

07-26-2008 13:20

Posted by:

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Haha, thats a great name.

Danny is making Tnt2 though he has a big contract deal for a few months. Hopefully soon it will be over and he will have free time on his hands. Once he has enough free time he will continue tnt2 and probably get it finished by the end of this year or next year.


07-26-2008 14:10

Posted by:

hertfordshire (England)

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This year I hope ;)

Danny (nod the mod)

07-27-2008 17:38

Posted by:

Great Wet North (Vancouver)

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You just say the word Danny and I'll start FedExing you hot espressos!!!!



08-06-2008 00:42

Posted by:


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I've got music. Just ask, and I'll show 'em.

12-05-2009 15:58

Posted by:

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lien mort

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