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Something like TNT for Windows?
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01-05-2011 19:22

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I know this doesn't exactly fit into this board but I guess it's the closest place for this...

Well a friend of mine has been trying to use a BASIC compiler paired with a book he has and is having a lot of trouble with the software. I recently showed him what I've been doing in TNT, and he asked me if there's a Windows version or a similar piece of Windows software that he could start from scratch with, and that I could use to show him a few things and get him started from what I know about TNT.

Of course it doesn't have to (and couldn't) be exactly the same, but just some kind of 2D game making environment with BASIC. I've tried searching but the term "basic" is only giving me results via the definition as a word rather than the language. I figured this would be something better to directly ask than try to work around Google and find otherwise, so does anyone know of any software resembling TNT Basic for Windows?

01-06-2011 07:23

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hertfordshire (England)

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My personal favourite (when I have to use Windoze) is DarkBASIC. It's a commercial product, but well worth the money. There is also a Pro version - though I've not tried it.

For a real comprehensive list of alternative basics there is a great site here. Used to be hosted by Ambrosine but has changed hands (or just been upgraded) and is well worth a trawl.

For something a little simpler to start with I can also recommend GameMaker, now from Yo-Yo Games, but written by a guy called Marc Overmars. While not really a programming language, it does have a scripting language you can play around with, and it's great for knocking out 'casual games' and the like...

You could always suggest he gets a Mac of course... Really do him a favour! ;o)

Danny (nod the mod)

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