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Cursors (Music Game)
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07-10-2011 05:25

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Is there still any way to have the cursor hidden while your program runs but still use mouse input? The reference says Input Sprocket was "discontinued" so I don't think I can use the usual input commands, or if I do (I have 10.4.11) other mac users might have issues with the game.
My goal was to use mouse input but lock the cursor to one x-position, by using a sprite instead that follows up and down. Is there any way to do it, or even change the cursor's appearance? Some kind of workaround?

It's for a music game I'm making where you have to click the notes with your vertical slider (think Bit Trip Beat). If I can't do this then I will just use some other kind of input and/or just change the gameplay style.

07-19-2011 19:31

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hertfordshire (England)

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Hiding the mouse...

The mouse call 'Hide Mouse' does not use input sprocket (which is now "WELL" defunct). The Mouse X and Mouse Y calls will still work, it just hides the image. You could use the results from those calls to place a sprite at the mouse location as well if you liked, just keep updating the location in your main loop (as it wont automatically follow the mouse, so you'll have to keep the loop pretty tight).

Any more problems just drop us a line. Sorry it's taken a while by the way - been on holiday...

Danny (nod the mod)

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