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02-21-2014 19:26

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So, a long time ago I used TNT Basic to throw together an entire maze game based solely on the TRON code tutorial on this website, and I was pretty excited because it was shaping up to be really fun. However, that has long since faded into deprecation and I have moved on to other languages and software, but I felt like I should at least try and contact people here since it's been over a year (holy crap) since this forum was posted in. I also wanna give thanks again for TNT because it really helped my interest in programming back when I wasn't as experienced.

One of the best things I've found in the meantime is Processing. It's a cool Java IDE/compiler with built-in libraries and it was designed as a way of making quick "sketches" where you can easily add graphics. It evolved to become a very useful tool and I ported an entire collision engine I was working on to it, and even started work on a game.

More recently a friend of mine introduced me to Google Dart which compiles from a language based closely off Java and makes web apps and will even package them as a standalone. It's extremely well-rounded and super-optimized. With a lot of help from my friend Gan I learned how it works while at the same time porting my entire Java game! The result can be found here:

And of course Puzzlescript. Oh man I love this program so much I can't even begin to thank Stephen enough. It's for making little grid-based puzzle games and stuff for your browser and it's got a wonderfully simple and elegant scripting language behind it. Head on over to right now and see it for yourself, especially if you like puzzles. The following is probably my favorite game I've made with it so far, but I'm gonna try to compile a page listing all of my puzzles soon.

Oh yeah, and I can't forget SilverCreator. That's one I've known about for even longer and it's where I originally invented my collision engine, and learned a lot of interesting stuff.

Anyways, this is probably the last I'll be posting here unless I get any news about this site so... See ya around.

02-27-2015 04:10

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San Francisco, CA

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Sweet! I won The Legend of Zokoban, loved it! :D

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