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256 Colors
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11-04-2002 14:33

Posted by:
Mr. ME

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Why not include an option for 256 colors(only on software tho), it would probably go faster.

11-05-2002 01:27

Posted by:
russ calkins

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it would probably look uglier.

11-05-2002 04:31

Posted by:
Danlab games

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If you know how using 256 col.. it not go to be uglyer..
take a look in all games made for Snes or neogeo..

256 cols make the game faster like 50fpd with scroll on my g3 400

11-05-2002 07:58

Posted by:

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Yeah, I know loads of beautiful games in 256 colors, its mainly 3D graphics that can't be done great in 256 colors. Alot of great pixel art does only use a few colors thus you can use only 256 colors and still have a really nice game.

11-05-2002 14:30

Posted by:

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tricks u can use for morphy effects

theres also lots of neato "palette rotation"
tricks u can use for morphy effects

11-05-2002 22:39

Posted by:
Mark Tully

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256 Colours

You can do a lot more with 16-bit colour, and you don't have all the paletteing issues that you have with 8-bit colour. Macs are so fast nowadays that 16-bit colour isn't really an issue, look at Mac OS X, you can't even select 8-bit colour anymore.

IMHO 8-bit is out, 16-bit and 24-bit's the way it's heading.



11-06-2002 00:57

Posted by:
russ calkins

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switching to 256 colors uglifies the desktop. SNES was the best system ever.

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