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12-02-2002 11:43

Posted by:

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I'd really like to do an isometric game, but I dont know how to do it in TNTbasic. It seems like the only solution is to have atleast 100s of sprites that you remove and add as you scroll, but this IMO doesn't sound like a fast solution. Does anyone have an idea about how to do an isometric game in TNTbasic?

12-03-2002 18:22

Posted by:
Holmes Futrell

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Rather than doing an isometric (up and to the left) game, you could do just a plane old top down game. TNT has a built in map editor for this. An Isometric game would also work using the map editor, but it'd be difficult to get the tiles to fit together.


12-04-2002 01:33

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use an angle

correct me if i'm wrong but couldn't you just calculate the angle and move the character on said diagonals instead.
and as for the tiles, if they truly are tiling surfaces,
turn the graphic 45
vertically reduce it by 50%
make3 more copies of the image
and butt the edges of four tiles together like an X
crop out a square and then save that as a surface(there's really no point in doing this if they're to be no visual distinction between cells/tiles)
admittedly this way you'll end up with 5 different tiles for each surface

that is unless you can figure out some clever transparency masking scheme.

12-04-2002 22:41

Posted by:

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Do you mean a game like Knight Lore (a game everyone must check out BTW, if you haven't already) or Equinox (more recent example on the SNES?)

12-09-2002 21:32

Posted by:
Mark Tully

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Hi Stix,

You don't want to use sprites for the entire map as that would be really slow as sprites are redrawn every frame - whereas your map would generally stay the same unless scrolling.

What you would want to do, is render your map, and then use sprites for background tiles that 'stick up' and need to be drawn over characters in the world. For example, render the grass, paths, rivers etc using static tiles, but things that stick up such as trees, walls, lampposts should be done as sprites then they would appear over the top of your hero character. You can sort the draw order of the sprites by using the 'set sprite priority' function. Set each sprites priority to it's y position on the screen and they will be stored depth correct.

You can edit the map in the map editor, but use a custom map renderer which loops through all the tiles and uses the 'paste sprite' function to put the tile down for that location. If you do this from top to bottom you shouldn't have any trouble acheiving your isometric effect.

Good luck!


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