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Sprite Collision behavior
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12-13-2001 19:14

Posted by:

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I've noticed that Sprite Col will return values indicating that two sprites have collided even if they do not overlap but are merely adjacent. Personally, I think it would be better if it only registered a collision when the two sprites collision regions (however it is defined) are actually on top of each other. At least for my current project that kind of behavior would be preferred. I'm making a tile-based game, and this behavior considers sprites to have collided even if they're not in the same tile yet, just in the ones next to each other. (So to get around this I'm making images that are a few pixels narrower than the actual tile size so that even if they are adjacent they won't trigger a collision.)

Does anybody else think the same thing? (Or has anybody else even noticed the behavior... or is it all in my head?!! ;-)


12-14-2001 10:20

Posted by:
Mark Tully

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Sorry about that Jim, I'm afraid that's a bug. It appears that if using "fast image collisions" sprites are logged as colliding if they are just touching. It should be if they are overlapping.

To work around this you can, as you suggest, make your images thinner, or you could turn on exact collisions for the relevant images. You do this in the collision section of the image info palette in the image bank editor.

Hope this helps, we'll have that bug fixed in the next version, which will be out soon.

Thanks for you patience!


12-14-2001 16:12

Posted by:

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Oh, I hadn't even tried the exact image collision option yet. Actually that option would probably be a better choice for what I'm doing anyways, so that will work out good.

Hey thanks for the rapid replies to my questions on here. And what with all the bug fixes, don't forget that compared to the number of bug reports, the number "hey this is cool and easy to do" reports are way higher (even if only the bug reports get posted).

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