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Version 1.0.0b

Posted by Teak Last Updated on 6th Sep 2013
TeaksPong is a pong game I made just for the hell of playing pong with my friends. If you like this pong game, find a problem with it or have any suggestions as to how to make it better then you can email me at:

Download: teakspong100b.dmg (Use this link)
TeaksPong built application


Version 1

Posted by Maxime Last Updated on 27th Nov 2009
Card Solitaire game including 9 Patiences.
Cards are moved through Drag-and-Drop, or One-click if they must go to a foundation.
Size of the app is 3,5 Mo.
App and Code are on an image disk you can download at the address below, which also contains some explanations.
Patiences home page

Etch-a-Sketch Colour!

Version 1.0

Posted by raddakar Last Updated on 10th Oct 2008
Etch-a-Sketch with colour. Very simple script made in 3 minutes.
(Controls: Arrow keys to draw. Space to delete. C to change colours.)
Etch-a-Sketch Colour! built application

Name Entry Procedure

Version 1.0

Posted by JHVipond Last Updated on 28th May 2008
TNT Basic has no built-in text input command, and all the workarounds previously submitted are dead links. This program allows the user to enter his or her name, or any string, displaying the characters as they are typed and assigning the result to a string variable. I intend this as one in a series of program modules, for use in several game show programs in TNT Basic.
Name Entry Procedure home page Name Entry Procedure built application

Updated Pong - OS X

Version 1.0

Posted by Hendo Last Updated on 30th Jan 2007
This is a small update to the pong in 60 tutorial. It now works by arrow keys, has music and a scoring system.
Updated Pong - OS X home page Updated Pong - OS X source code

plančte en orbite!

Version 1.0

Posted by mikake Last Updated on 26th Jan 2007
simple orbit simulator with the Earth,the Moon , and a little satellite.It's just an application of this formula we learn at school,but I'm happy that it works!

(mass,velocity,scale customizable)
(explication en anglais)
(explanation in english)
plančte en orbite! home page plančte en orbite! source code

Breshenham's mid-point line algorithm...

Version 0.3

Posted by allnodcoms Last Updated on 20th Nov 2006
The latest installment in my little code repository... This takes my previous version of the Breshenham's line algorithm and adds an animated character. Everything works pretty much as you would expect, and as always is heavily commented. Any questions, you know where to find me...

My next example will add a map, object avoidance and multiple characters.

Danny (nods)
Breshenham's mid-point line algorithm... source code


Version 1.0

Posted by Orteil Last Updated on 27th Sep 2006
A simple game using the "calculate angle" command.
A weird ball gets a target (mouse or some bouncing squares) and looks at it, follows it, dashs at it (and sometimes shots it).
Simple code, realistic movement !
Looker home page


Version 1.3

Posted by Orteil Last Updated on 3rd Jul 2006
It's a word game. A word-set (containing a list of words - the player can make his/her own) is loaded and the game reads a word from it. It slowly scrolls to the right. The player must type the word before it reaches the right edge of the screen; then another word is loaded - longer, scrolling faster - and the game goes on until the word-set is over.
Contains one starting word-set (in french).
May drive anybody mad in two minutes.
WriteNow home page

RPG Engine - Weighted Numbers

Version 0.0.1

Posted by Jae Rune Last Updated on 19th Dec 2005
The basic idea here it to show you how to set up a weighted random number generator, also known as a biased number generator. The point of this is to allow you to create it so that one result is more likely to appear than another. So it takes the randomness out of a random number generator. Consider this: rolling a die, you have a 1:1 chance of landing on any number. It's completely and utterly random. Same thing with a random number generator. Each number has a 1:1 chance (or 50/50) of being generated. This bit of code, however, allows you to define ranges that are more likely than other to appear. Let's say you want a user to be able to roll 2-5 on a six-sided die 90% more often than a 1 or a 6. You'd set this up for a 5:90:5 ratio for 1/2-5/6. Not sure if that makes sense, but if it does, you can see the applications immediately. Usually it's great for determining battle systems where you want the chances of misses and criticals to be lower than the chance of a regular hit.
RPG Engine - Weighted Numbers source code

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