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22nd Sep 2019 18:46 GMT
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Posted by Miles Last Updated on 7th Jan 2004
Druid, ranked 4th for Originality in the uDevGame 2003 competition, is temporarily not available for download!

Sorry about that, it'll be back up (with v1.1) when Otimo Games is established (probably by March), or if I can find a way to upload it somewhere before then.

Druid is a plaftorm game featuring:
* Weather Effects (snow, rain, lightning etc)
* Colourful Graphics
* 3 Tracks of Original Music
* Simple, fun gameplay

Feel free to email me for help about my badly-commented source code, or with suggestions/bugs regarding the game.

Note that to keep file size small, I've removed sound and music from the source file, and remmed out all sound/music commands.
Druid home page

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