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2nd Jun 2020 15:24 GMT
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Examples Pack

Version 1.1

Posted by Mark Tully Last Updated on 24th Nov 2003
Examples for TNT Basic 1.1 upwards

Contains Beans, Bang On!, Networking Example, Bouncing Splats Moan and Moan Recorder.

The Networking Example has been updated for TNT Basic 1.1 and now uses the new global network variables commands.

Bouncing Splats Moan has been updated to use the new hardware acceleration features of TNT Basic 1.1, and features rotation and scaling done with Moan.

Beans and Bang On! are the same as previous version of TNT Basic, and are described elsewhere in this directory.

Moan Recorder records your mouse movements and allows you to play them back on any sprite in your game. It is the same as was released with TNT Basic 1.03.
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