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18th Feb 2020 03:08 GMT
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The 3D cube

Version 0.2

Posted by allnodcoms Last Updated on 14th Dec 2005
An example of basic 3D functionality in TNT. The code allows the user to spin a 3D cube in real time using the cursor keys and ',' and '.' keys (< and > without the shift). Pressing the space bar toggles the display mode, currently wireframe, wireframe with hidden face removal, filled polygon or lit wireframe , and the <enter> key resets the display defaults.

I'm halfway through writing a lengthy tutorial on the evolution of this code and 3D formula in general, these I will post when complete, but I'm a bit tied up working on the Open Source TNT at present, so thought I'd get this out now for you budding 3Der's to have a play with...

I hope this serves to inspire you all to get out and try a few more elaborate exercises, this is just standard TNT code and shows what can be done with a bit of basic math knowledge (see the up-coming tutorial) and a desire to push the engine to its limits. Keep an eye out, I may decide to get a bit more adventurous with this...
As usual, any questions just drop me a line in the forums...

Danny (nods)
The 3D cube source code

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