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The 3D cube

Version 0.2

Posted by allnodcoms Last Updated on 14th Dec 2005
An example of basic 3D functionality in TNT. The code allows the user to spin a 3D cube in real time using the cursor keys and ',' and '.' keys (< and > without the shift). Pressing the space bar toggles the display mode, currently wireframe, wireframe with hidden face removal, filled polygon or lit wireframe , and the <enter> key resets the display defaults.

I'm halfway through writing a lengthy tutorial on the evolution of this code and 3D formula in general, these I will post when complete, but I'm a bit tied up working on the Open Source TNT at present, so thought I'd get this out now for you budding 3Der's to have a play with...

I hope this serves to inspire you all to get out and try a few more elaborate exercises, this is just standard TNT code and shows what can be done with a bit of basic math knowledge (see the up-coming tutorial) and a desire to push the engine to its limits. Keep an eye out, I may decide to get a bit more adventurous with this...
As usual, any questions just drop me a line in the forums...

Danny (nods)
The 3D cube source code

Version 1.3 documentation (in PDF)

Version 1.3

Posted by allnodcoms Last Updated on 13th Nov 2005
Version 1.3 is here!

Well, the documentation anyway. It's a full .pdf version of the new user guide and help section. Completely bookmarked for easy reference and fully linked for ease of navigation. It's even got a snazzy new cover! What more could you ask?

Have fun and happy reading!

Danny (nods)
Version 1.3 documentation (in PDF) built application

Breshenhams midpoint line algorithm

Version 0.1

Posted by allnodcoms Last Updated on 5th Sep 2005
First snippet from the programmer's toolkit

An essential little tool for creating RTS type point and click games. These routines set up and execute a TNT implementation of Breshenham's Midpoint line algorithm. This moves an object quickly from one point to another by the shortest route, no floating point and no complex math calls.
It's quick, fully working and heavily commented. Any questions, just drop me a line in the forums.
This is the first in a series of 'handy doohickeys' that will build into a programmer's toolkit. A set of attractive, matching tutorials will follow.
Breshenhams midpoint line algorithm source code

Complete Inputs

Version 1.2

Posted by someone Last Updated on 12th Aug 2005
TNT Basic has no input command. There it is! Customize everything, call it with a single line, supports key combinations, and more!

get file at
Complete Inputs home page

Map made of tiles for parallax scrolling

Version 1.0

Posted by someone Last Updated on 12th Aug 2005
Demonstrates how to make a map out of sprites, allowing parallax and non-square tiles.

get file at
Map made of tiles for parallax scrolling home page

Online 2 player game demo

Version 1.0b

Posted by JAS Last Updated on 3rd Jan 2005
I originally coded a similar game (a port of an atari game)in 3 days, but could not get permission from the games co-creators to distribute it. I have since decided that the TNT community could learn from the code I threw together, so I quickly whipped up some new art of my own and changed a piece of the gameplay. Hopefully, you'll find it as entertaining to play as I did and maybe learn a little something from the source code.
Online 2 player game demo home page Online 2 player game demo source code
Online 2 player game demo built application


Version 1.0.0

Posted by Fischgurkensenf Last Updated on 11th Sep 2004
The space example is an example about using collsions, using parallex scrolling and using for-loops to move objects.

The files are stuffed in .sit format, so you need the "stuffit expander" to use them.
To view the source code, you need TNT Basic 1.2 or later.
space_example source code space_example built application

Ball Collisions

Version 1

Posted by eekaydee Last Updated on 13th Aug 2004
This is an example of how to make balls react upon colliding. It shows how mass, velocity, elasticity, point of contact, conservation of energy, and conservation of momentum all affect the result.
Ball Collisions source code

Face Maker

Version 2.0

Posted by Stephen Lund Last Updated on 11th Mar 2004
Face Maker is simple but fun game. with Face maker you can dress up a face with eyes ears hair etc.

go to this website to download it:
Face Maker home page


Version 1.0

Posted by puffin Last Updated on 28th Feb 2004
swarm-o-bees is an example of how to write a particle system in tnt basic. it also demonstrates how to simulate the effect of gravity and how to make sprites bounce off walls. play around with it to see what else you can make it do.
swarm-o-bees source code

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