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spinny rotatey scaley melty starfield

Version 1

Posted by charlie Last Updated on 26th Feb 2004
here is my spinny rotatey scaley melty starfield.
spinny rotatey scaley melty starfield source code

Water Animator

Version 1.0

Posted by Miles Last Updated on 21st Feb 2004
This program may be useful to someone who wants an easy method to create reasonable-looking animated water for a 2D game. It takes a small picture, then generates a 6-frame animation of that image distorted to look a bit like water. The source is easy to edit so you can achieve the exact effect you want.
Water Animator source code


Version 0.0001

Posted by denis caspar Last Updated on 13th Jan 2004
I'm using this little tool each time i need to choose accuratly my colors in a programm. It is really minimal, but very usefull.
Color_identification_palette home page Color_identification_palette source code

Rotating Dodge_Van

Version 1

Posted by denis caspar Last Updated on 13th Jan 2004
A very small exemple of a rotatig animation of a car. The pictures are rendered using strata Plus 3.5.Simple and dynamic.
Rotating Dodge_Van home page Rotating Dodge_Van source code

gravity meditation

Version 0.0001

Posted by denis caspar Last Updated on 11th Jan 2004
Gravity Meditation is a exemple of interaction between a mass and a field. the programm is slow but fascinating
good meditation. Dont be hypnotized!!!
gravity meditation home page gravity meditation source code

Jazz Celeste

Version 0.0001

Posted by denis caspar Last Updated on 11th Jan 2004
A funny musical and visual experience using sprite collision and solar system like sprite roatation
Have fun!
Jazz Celeste home page Jazz Celeste source code

Mission Volcanor

Version 0.6.3

Posted by philipp Last Updated on 8th Jan 2004
An arcade-like Space/air-shooter, originally made for uDevGame 2003. Because iDevGames unfortunally had technical difficulties in 2003, Mission Volcanor isn't available for downloading at the moment.
So please be patient until they have completely restored their data.

Mission Volcanor isn't finished yet as you see (v. 0.6.3), but the next big update to v.0.7 is in progress.
Mission Volcanor home page


Version N/A

Posted by Miles Last Updated on 7th Jan 2004
Druid, ranked 4th for Originality in the uDevGame 2003 competition, is temporarily not available for download!

Sorry about that, it'll be back up (with v1.1) when Otimo Games is established (probably by March), or if I can find a way to upload it somewhere before then.

Druid is a plaftorm game featuring:
* Weather Effects (snow, rain, lightning etc)
* Colourful Graphics
* 3 Tracks of Original Music
* Simple, fun gameplay

Feel free to email me for help about my badly-commented source code, or with suggestions/bugs regarding the game.

Note that to keep file size small, I've removed sound and music from the source file, and remmed out all sound/music commands.
Druid home page

Examples Pack

Version 1.1

Posted by Mark Tully Last Updated on 24th Nov 2003
Examples for TNT Basic 1.1 upwards

Contains Beans, Bang On!, Networking Example, Bouncing Splats Moan and Moan Recorder.

The Networking Example has been updated for TNT Basic 1.1 and now uses the new global network variables commands.

Bouncing Splats Moan has been updated to use the new hardware acceleration features of TNT Basic 1.1, and features rotation and scaling done with Moan.

Beans and Bang On! are the same as previous version of TNT Basic, and are described elsewhere in this directory.

Moan Recorder records your mouse movements and allows you to play them back on any sprite in your game. It is the same as was released with TNT Basic 1.03.
Examples Pack source code


Version 1.02

Posted by Mark Tully Last Updated on 24th Nov 2003
An addictive puzzle game similar to Tetris. Guide falling Beans so they land in groups of four or more to make them disappear.

There is also a hacking guide available here that demonstrates how to modify the Beans source code to get cool effects.
Beans home page Beans source code
Beans built application

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