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penguin power!

Version 1.2

Posted by jamie Last Updated on 6th Nov 2003
This game was submitted in the 2002 udevgame contest.

Someone has frozen the penguin's fish supply!

One penguin, Henrietta, takes up the task of strapping on her rocket pack and penetrating deep into the slippery ice caves in search of the frozen fish...
penguin power! home page


Version 1.0

Posted by -wyvern Last Updated on 4th Nov 2003
This is an example I have created showing the use of sin/cosine inside a game engine that simulates a spacecraft, including an accurate inertial system of movement and a routine for firing. It is annotated throughout, and I would like to share it with the rest of the TNT basic community on the grounds that it took me six hours of mathematical hell to get to this stage. Have fun.
Spacetest source code

Key code

Version 1.0

Posted by Stephen Lund Last Updated on 3rd Oct 2003
Key code 1.0 is a program that you press a button and it will show you the code to the button that you pushed.

you can download Key code at this web site:
Key code home page

Shooting Example

Version 1

Posted by eekaydee Last Updated on 28th Aug 2003
This example creates a player that can move in four directions and shoot fireballs. The speed of the player and shots, time delay between shots, maximum number of shots, and images can all be easily changed. Hopefully this will answer any questions about moving and keeping track of bullets. If you have any questions, feel free to email me at or put a post in the forum.
Shooting Example home page Shooting Example source code

Change Monitor Resolutions

Version 1.0

Posted by mark_667 Last Updated on 9th Aug 2003
This code quickly snd simply lets the user change the screen resolution according to their monitor set-up. May be useful if you want to give a simple interactive choice of preference at the start of your game for that professionally done feel( it is adviseable to put this at the beginning otherwise all your sprites, etc would disappear).
Change Monitor Resolutions home page Change Monitor Resolutions source code

Raptor - Air Superiority Fighter

Version 1.03

Posted by Holmes Last Updated on 4th Aug 2003
Raptor is a scrolling, jet-fighter game. It was programmed for the uDevGame contest in the fall of 2002. It won first place for sound and music due to it's original soundtrack by Miyaka Cochrane. The game demonstrates scrolling, high scores, and an interesting sprite based text system, among a variety of other things. Though the code's length presents barriers, it also presents just how much it takes to create a large project. An article on the making of Raptor, which touches a bit on working with TNT, can be found at
Raptor - Air Superiority Fighter home page Raptor - Air Superiority Fighter source code
Raptor - Air Superiority Fighter built application

Keyboard Input Example

Version 1.0

Posted by CubeFusion Last Updated on 2nd Aug 2003
This is the remains of a simple chat program I attempted to construct some time ago. It isn't well commented, nor is it very well written. However it still may be useful for those who need to receive Keyboard Input in their games.

If you have a question about how all this works, I will try to address it as best I can. Either post the question in the TNT Basic forum or drop me a line at
Keyboard Input Example source code

Collision Detection Example

Version 1.00

Posted by Mark Tully Last Updated on 24th Jul 2003
This example demonstrates collision detection in TNT Basic, and shows the effect the settings of the image info palette have.
Collision Detection Example source code

FX Matrix

Version 1.00

Posted by Mark Tully Last Updated on 24th Jul 2003
This demonstrates the use of the matrix command "FX Matrix". This command is useful for pre-processing graphics, and can acheive effects such as defocus, blur, find edges and emboss; all of which are demonstrated in this example.
FX Matrix source code

Scrolling Demos

Version 1.2

Posted by Mark Tully Last Updated on 24th Jul 2003
Demonstrates how to use TNT Basic's viewport commands to scroll around a map. There are four examples, an simple indoor map, a tile-scrolling indoor map (using TNT Basic code), a tile-scrolling indoor map (using TNT Basic's automatic tile scrolling) and an outdoor map (shown here).

The outdoor map features ambient life in the form of anti-aliased birds that fly around randomly, demonstrating the use of sprites with scrolling.

The tile-scrolling map shows how to scroll around an immense map without having to open a canvas as big as the map.
Scrolling Demos source code

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