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TNT Basic

Download TNT Basic now and you can begin building your own games for the Macintosh today!

All archives require Stuffit Expander to decompress.

Download TNT Basic 1.31 (complete install, extra examples not included)

Download TNT Basic for OS X Lion (Beta) (currently only the TNT Basic interpreter. The Hieroglyph editor is not yet available for OS X Lion)

Download extra examples for TNT Basic 1.1x (requires TNT Basic 1.1 or higher)

Read about the changes in TNT Basic 1.31 here.

Read about the example pack here.

TNT Basic is now open source and freeware. You can download the source code for TNT Basic 1.3 upwards from SourceForge here.

Games and Examples

There's a lot of games and examples made with TNT Basic available for download in our directory.

Additional Libraries for building TNT Basic

Building TNT Basic from the source code requires some freely available libraries which cannot be hosted on sourceforge. They are available here.

NOTE: You do not need these libraries to run TNT Basic, you only need them if you're trying to build TNT Basic from the source code obtained from