Additional Libraries

Additional Libraries for building TNT Basic

TNT Basic is open source, you can read more about that here. Obtaining the source code allows you to 'build' your own version of TNT Basic which you can experiment with and modify.

Some of the libraries that TNT Basic needs in order to build cannot be commited to the CVS repository on as the libaries are not released under an open source license. These libraries are all freely available on the internet, however I provide a mirror of them here for posterity.

All the versions hosted on this page have been tested with TNT Basic and are known to work. If you test newer versions of these libraries from the developer's website and find they work then please let me know and I'll start hosting that version instead.

You need to download all of these archives and decompress them into the 'mr/third_party' directory in your checked out source directory.

All archives require Stuffit Expander to decompress.

MoreFiles 1.5.4
MoreFiles is a set of file utility functions written by Apple computer. You can read about MoreFiles and obtain the latest release from Apple's website here.

MoreFilesX 1.0.2
MoreFilesX is an extension to MoreFiles that provides file utility functions relating to the long file name support introduced in Mac OS 9 and used extensively in Mac OS X. MoreFilesX is also written by Apple, and you can read more about it and obtain the latest release from Apple's website here.

OpenPlay 2.1
OpenPlay is an open source cross platform networking library, originally developed by Apple. You can read more about OpenPlay and download the latest versions from Apple's website here. Apple have released the source code onto sourceforge here, where it continues to be developed. This is the library that powers TNT Basic's networking.

The OpenGL SDK here was originally obtained from Apple's website, but it doesn't appear to be available any more; instead Apple are pushing the Mac OS X only version. This SDK provides the stub library and interface files to allow TNT Basic to use OpenGL under Mac OS X and classic.

RezLib 1.1.11
This is Ian Ollman's incredibly useful display managment library. It allows a program to easily switch resolutions, blank additional monitors and install VBL tasks on both Mac OS X and classic through a single API. As far as I am aware, RezLib doesn't currently have a home on the internet, as it's .mac homepage has disappeared, and the copy on was lost when the site was hacked. So it's here. A big thank you to Ian for a fantastic library.

Waste 2.1b1
Waste is a text editing library written by Marco Piovanelli. It allows applications to easily use WorldScript text editing services and, with Waste 3.0, ATSUI services. You can visit the Waste website, where you can download the latest and greatest Waste versions from. Hieroglyph has used Waste for several years as TNT Basic's code editor, it uses Waste 2, which works on Mac OS 9 and Mac OS X. In the future, it might migrate to the newer, but Mac OS X only, Waste 3. Thanks to Marco for a great library, and for all his help.

Music Importers For Hieroglyph
These are the importer plug-ins used by the Mad Music Library to import various file formats. Although MadLib, and the PlayerPro tracker music editor is open source, I've not been able to find the source code for these plug-ins, hence their binary only distribution. If anyone finds the source, please email me!
Once downloaded, these files should be decompressed into the 'Music Block Importers' folder inside the 'Hieroglyph Blocks' folder inside the 'Hieroglyph' folder.