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2nd Jun 2020 14:52 GMT

Latest TNT Basic : 1.31
OS X Lion Beta : 1.42
29th Jan 2006
02:39 GMT

TNT Basic bug tracker now open...

Posted by Mark Tully
The bug, feature requests and patches trackers for TNT Basic are now open to the public.

Use the bug tracker to submit any bugs you find in TNT Basic and it will ensure they won't get forgotten about. Make use of the feature requests tracker and all your bright ideas won't get lost - they might even get implemented, you never know.

The patches tracker is for those budding TNT Basic hackers who are working on the TNT Basic source code. It provides a central place for people to post modifications to the source code and for me to harvest them from for future TNT Basic releases.

Please make use of these trackers, especially the bug tracker!
TNT Basic @ sourceforge
27th Jan 2006
01:29 GMT

Hieroglyph Source Code Available

Posted by Mark Tully
Following the successful release of TNT Basic 1.3's source code onto sourceforge.net, I'm finally able to announce that the source to the Hieroglyph editor is also now available.

More information available at this thread in the forums.

24th Nov 2005
00:26 GMT

The source has landed...

Posted by Mark Tully
It's been a while coming, but the source code for TNT Basic is now finally available from sourceforge - you can now build your very own personal copy of TNT Basic! The source for Hieroglyph won't be far behind...

Read this thread in the forums to find out how to obtain the source.

17th Oct 2005
01:31 GMT

TNT Basic 1.3 Released!

Posted by Mark Tully
You thought it was never going to arrive, but just when you'd given up all hope - TNT Basic 1.3 is finally here!

This version features two much requested features by the TNT Basic community, namely window mode and removal of the 16Mb file size limit. The full release notes can be found here.

This version is the prelude to the imminent release of all of TNT Basic's and Hieroglyph's source code onto SourceForge. No the source isn't there yet, it will lag behind the binary release by a few days whilst I sort the code out for public consumption, but it won't be long.

Meanwhile grab 1.3 while it's hot!

Download TNT Basic 1.3
1st Sep 2005
07:03 GMT

New Server!

Posted by Mark Tully
Our ISP is moving tntbasic.com over to a new server. There shouldn't be any disruption, lost emails, lost forum posts or anything like that.

10th Jul 2005
13:04 GMT

TNT Basic 1.3 work continues....

Posted by Mark Tully
TNT Basic 1.3 work is proceeding well, I've posted a status update to the forums midway down this thread.
28th May 2005
00:27 GMT

TNT Basic 1.3 is coming.... and so is its source code!

Posted by Mark Tully
TNT Basic 1.3 is in active development and will be finished shortly. It will remove the 16Mb file format limit, add the ever requested window mode and fix any issues relating to QuickTime 7.

TNT Basic 1.3 will also be free and open source.
Read the full story.
14th Dec 2004
14:08 GMT

New TNT game released

Posted by kemalyun
Kemal Zhang from Mac-Yun-Soft has just released his new game GOLDGEIER. It's a gold-digging game for 1 to 4 players and a conversion of an existing German boardgame. You can download the free version:
Mac-Yun-Soft homepage
20th May 2004
08:37 GMT

New TNT-Game released!

Posted by kemalyun
Mac-Yun-Soft (Kemal Yun) has released a new game written in TNT: "Retrogames #1: Maze-Craze" features four different maze games in the style of old Atari VCS games. The player can choose between three different graphics-styles: single colour ultra-retro style, 4-bit Atari VCS-like style and a slighty better 8-bit "Atari 800 / C-64" style. The games are simple and fun but very challenging. In the downloadable demo, all four games can be played up to a certain level. Available for download at the Mac-Yun-Soft homepage.
28th Dec 2003
14:39 GMT

New TNT-game sourcecode available!

Posted by kemalyun
Kemal Yun from Mac-Yun-Soft, a new TNT user, has just uploaded a first small TNT game "Aztek's Revenge". It's a fun platformer in which you have to collect treasures and avoid spiders. The source-code is well documented and uses music, sound, sprites and moan. It makes a great example for learning how to do a platformer and is fun to play too. Please note that the source is for learning purposes only and is still copyrighted by the author. Feel free to learn the different techniques used but don't adapt the game or source code for your own game. You can also easily add new levels by drawing maps and adding the data-lines as explained in the source-code. Feel free to send new levels to the author. And, btw, change the starting-level to 1 before you play (in the startgame procedure).
Download Aztek's Revenge here
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