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2nd Jun 2020 13:43 GMT

Latest TNT Basic : 1.31
OS X Lion Beta : 1.42
21st Nov 2003
09:15 GMT

Druid - A uDevGame 2003 Entry

Posted by Miles
Druid was made by Miles de la Hunty for the uDevGame 2003 Competition using, you guessed it, TNT Basic.

It features weather effects, intelligent enemies, environmental and panning sounds, 3 original music tracks, animated menus and backgrounds, and nice colourful graphics, and once Network Play is implemented (To be included in version 1.1), it will utilize pretty much the entirity of TNT Basic's functionality (Besides Moan).

So download and enjoy Druid, and feel free to download the Source, which is located in the Directory. And be sure to vote for Druid in the uDevGame 2003 Competition!
The Druid Website
12th Nov 2003
00:41 GMT

Bug fix for Mac OS X 10.3

Posted by Mark Tully
A bug has been identified that prevents image bank editing in the Hieroglyph editor using drag and drop under Mac OS 10.3. This bug has been fixed, and this fix will appear in the TNT Basic 1.21 release, which will be announced shortly.

In the meantime, so our users can continue to edit their image banks under Mac OS 10.3, an updated version of Hieroglyph can be downloaded below. You need to already have TNT Basic 1.2 installed. This updated Hieroglyph will work under all other OS versions also.
Hieroglyph for Mac OS 10.3
3rd Nov 2003
23:46 GMT

TNT Basic 1.2 Released!

Posted by Mark Tully
TNT Basic 1.2 has finally arrived
This version fixes many bugs, including source code printing not working, Genesis map editor windows not redrawing correctly and the 'Pressed' command not working under Mac OS X 10.2x.

We've added a host of new commands this version, including keyboard access commands, which allow you to work with keyboard input very easily. In particular you can read text strings entered by the player making implementing high score tables easier than ever.

TNT Basic 1.2 contains over 15 individual bug fixes and over 30 new commands.

A detailed list of all the changes for this version can be found here.

Finally I'd like to say a big thank you to the TNT Basic community for their continued ideas, critiques and bug reports, without which TNT Basic wouldn't be half of what it is today.

Download TNT Basic 1.2
18th Sep 2003
22:31 GMT

We're back!

Posted by Mark Tully
Well, almost...
Apologies to anyone that has been trying to contact either myself, Mark Tully, or John Treece-Birch at TNT Software recently, as we've been unable to receive email. Basically our service provider has been making some upgrades and has apparently broken our accounts somehow. Furthermore, I personally have moved house, and have been without an internet connection to even get on line and sort things out with our ISP - hence the long absence from the forums and email...

Anyway, glad to see the community still thriving, hopefully we'll be able to recover our email soon, until then apologies to anyone who has registered in that time, we'll process your registrations as soon as we can!
18th Sep 2003
22:14 GMT

Radical Rebound Software releases Radical Rebound 4.0

Posted by matteo
Radical Rebound Software has just released Radical Rebound v4.0, a new version of the popular TNT Basic Game. The game, one of the biggest made in TNT as code size (approx. 6500 lines) has appeared and will appear in popular magazines such as MacFormat, "Software of the month club" CD of October and "All the Best MacGames '04" collection.

Radical Rebound continues to evolve following users request. This new version includes new unique special powers for every character, new kinds of ships and a funny animated story.
Radical Rebound Software
7th Aug 2003
21:21 GMT

uDevGames 2003 launched!

Posted by Mark Tully
iDevGames, the leading website for Macintosh game development, has announced the start of uDevGame 2003, the 3rd annual Macintosh game development contest. The uDevGame Contest gives programmers, designers, artists, and musicians the chance to both improve the state of gaming on the Macintosh platform, and to contribute to the independent development community. More than $16,000 of prizes are offered as incentives this year!

The contest challenges entrants to create an original Mac OS X game in only three months. The games are then subjected to a period of public voting and rated in five categories: Game Play, Originality, Polish, Graphics, and Sound & Music. Prizes are awarded to the developers of the top three ranking games in each category, as well as the top three Best Overall Games. A complete list of prizes with descriptions can be found here.

There were several entries made with TNT Basic last year, this year it could be even better!
uDevGames Contest 2003
24th Jul 2003
18:39 GMT

Welcome to the all new TNT Basic Online!

Posted by Mark Tully
We now have a new directory where you can list your examples, completed games and links to TNT Basic related websites and our front page now sports a news page, that you can all submit news to.
The forums have improvements including a post preview button, option of hiding your email address and the option of specifying your location.

If you find any problems then let me know!

What are you waiting for - get filling our directory up!
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