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Chapter 8


TNT Basic

TNT Basic was brought to you by TNT Software, a small shareware company that specialises in Mac software.

TNT Software is Mark Tully and John Treece-Birch.

With Thanks to...

Ian Ollmann (
Ian’s free RezLib display library allows us to put graphics onto the screen under Mac OS 9 and OS X, thanks Ian!

Antoine Rosset (
Antoine’s free MAD music playing library allows us to play tracker modules easily, check out his PlayerPro package which allows you to compose your own music for use with TNT Basic!

Marco Piovanelli (
Marco's WASTE Text engine powers the code editor in Hieroglyph, great job Marco!
You can find out more about WASTE at the WASTE website:

Apple Computer and the OpenPlay developers
Thanks to the numerous individuals who have contributed to the development of the Apple’s OpenPlay open source networking library. OpenPlay powers TNT Basic’s networking. Thanks guys!

François Lionet
François created a games creation kit called AMOS on the Amiga about 15 years ago. AMOS was what first got Mark and John interested in programming and what ultimately inspired TNT Basic. A big thank you to François!

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